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October 22, 2021

Weather:  Cloudy with a chance of showers. High temp of 8ºC.

New Gates are up and running, if your card doesn't work, please contact John or Jenn.
Gate Cards should only be used for those noted on the card.  Visitors can borrow a gate card for $20 that is refundable.

Fall Cleanup; This entails cleaning up your gardens, cutting your grass, and raking leaves (when needed). All flowers, grass, weeds, leaves, etc. must be places in a brown compostable bag. Leaves in plastic bags will be left on your lot. Out of respect for your neighbor’s lot and our common areas, make sure you make the time (up until mid to late November) to rake your leaves on your lot before they blow everywhere.
NEW THIS YEAR: We now have a leaf vacuum to suck up the leaves and mulch them. Starting on Oct 30 (approx.…. depending when majority of leaves fall from trees), leaves can be piled on the edge of your lot, and we will come by and suck them up. Leave all branches and twigs in a separate pile as they can not be picked up by the vaccum.


Harbourside Family Trailer Park
Your hosts: Rainer & Betty Urbanski

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A heartfelt Thank You goes to our supporting patrons who enjoyed our open doors last year.

Rainer & Betty

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